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    Rick Leaman (Friday, 12 April 2019 00:46)

    My wife, 18 year old daughter and I just spent 3 lovely afternoons with Anne exploring the Marais, Montmarte and Contrescarpe and the Luxembourg Gardens. We had a wonderful time learning of the history and culture of these neighborhoods, and Anne's pacing and knowledge was perfect. On our prior visit to Paris, we concentrated on the museums. With this visit, we wanted to experience the culture and history to a much greater extent. With Anne, we visited several breathtaking churches, local markets and had history lessons all along the way. We spent a part of each afternoon enjoying a Parisian lunch together to learn more about each other, and fortify ourselves for the remaining experiences of our walking tours. I cannot recommend Anne's services enough, as we all departed with tears of joy in our eyes as we truly connected as true friends during our time together.

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    Greg Hair (Monday, 04 June 2018 14:19)

    Anne provided us a wonderful walking tour of several Paris neighborhoods. She matched the pace of the tour and the sights to suit us and our interest. We could not have been more pleased with the wonderful day she provided us. Her personal insight and the background she provided made Paris seem more intimate. We had a great time. Thanks for a great day.

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    Carri Herring (Monday, 20 June 2016 21:46)

    We had an amazing tour with Anne! She is so knowledgeable and will teach you anything you need to know about Paris! She made the day fun and helped us skip the big line at the Louve.....so wonderful! I learned so much from her!

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    John Wootton (Thursday, 27 August 2015 19:28)

    Anne, thank you for a rapid access to the Louvre and the insightful personal tour of this vast palace. We were blessed by your rescue from the crowds and unescorted we could not have seen as much as we did. We wish you luck on your ventures and we will recommend your services to anyone wishing to see the Louvre.

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    Hugh Watt (Wednesday, 26 August 2015 22:09)

    Thanks again for the terrific tour of the Louvre last week. We were truly blessed with meeting you and with the great tour and insights you provided us in such a special way. We wish you great success with your venture and will definitely recommend you to any one that we know that is coming your way!

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    Dieter Oesterle (Friday, 14 August 2015 23:09)

    Talking with my French friends, I forgot German is not easy to read. I realized I should have posted my visit in English instead for non German speakers, here it goes !Since I was leaving in Paris in the early 90’s, I’m in love with this city and visit it quite often.I’ve known Anne for quite a while, and knew she studied History of Art in Ecole du Louvre. Some friends and I decided to follow her tour at Musée du Louvre.We began with the Grande Galerie with the 15th and 16th century works of art, where Anne explained very thoroughly and with her deep knowledge the particularities of this era with specific examples. She showed us the brilliant colours of few oil painting on copper plates by L’Albane and the particularity of Mannerism. We saw Veronese Wedding at Cana, an impressive monumental painting and of course the most famous picture in the word the Mona Lisa. And right after the contrast of the Greek and Italian sculpture, the impressive Slave of Michelangelo, Amor and Psyche, and of course the Venus de Milo, Greek Goddess of love and Beauty and also the amazing Winged Victory of Samothrace.Anne shared in her wonderful and elegant way the characteristics and ended the tour with the French painting 18th and 19th centuries. All in all she dedicated 3 hours where we entertained on the works of art. No electronic would nor could ever offer such an entertainment ! The timing was perfect not to overwhelm us.


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    Rebecca Haywood (Thursday, 13 August 2015 22:23)

    Anne is such a sweet and kind Lady. She made our trip to the Louve not only a joyful and educational visit for my Husband and I, but she kept my Children interested in the art and history. We are so thankful that we met her. Thank you, Anne!

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    Dieter Oesterle (Tuesday, 11 August 2015 14:50)

    Seit ich Anfang der 90-er Jahre eine längere Zeit in Paris lebte, bin ich verliebt in die Stadt und komme regelmäßig.
    Anne kenne ich schon lange und wusste daß sie Kunstgeschichte im Louvre studiert hatte. Also haben wir beschlossen mit Ihr eine Führung im Louvre zu machen.
    Wir besuchten die große Galerie mit den italienischen Meistern des 15 und 16 Jahrhunderts. Anne erläuterte sehr profund die Besonderheiten dieser Epoche an expliziten Beispielen. Die Farbbrillanz bei Ölbildern die auf einer Kupferplatte gemalt wurden und die Besonderheiten des Manierismus. Wir sahen eines der monumentalsten Bilder der Welt die Hochzeit von Kana von Veronese und natürlich das berühmteste Bild der Welt die Mona Lisa. Danach als Kontrast die griechischen und italienischen Skulpturen. Die eindrucksvollen Sklaven vom Michelangelo, Amor und Psyche, und natürlich die Venus von Milo und die weltberühmte Nike von Samothrake. Anne erklärte in ihrer wunderschönen Art die Besonderheiten der einzelnen Werke. Wir beendeten den Rundgang mit der französichen Malerei des 18 und 19 Jahrhundert. Wieder zeigte Anne anhand von Beispielen die Besonderheiten dieser Meisterwerke.
    Mit Anne verbrachten wir unterhaltsame 3 Stunden indem wir uns über die Kunstwerke unterhielten. Dies ist etwas was kein elektronischer Guide leisten kann. Die Zeit war genau richtig um nicht von der Menge an Sehenswürdigkeiten im Louvre erschlagen zu werden.
    Nochmals vielen herzlichen Dank an Anne und wir freuen uns schon auf eine nächste kunsthistorische Führung in Paris, und dazu gehört am Ende une bonne Coupe de Champagne wie es der französische Lebensart entspricht!


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    Nicole Rodriguez (Tuesday, 11 August 2015 09:47)

    While visiting Paris with my sister and brother-in-law, we met Anne to tour the Louvre. Everyone knows that the Louvre means long lines and lots of time spent wandering around. Anne really helped to make our experience so nice. She brought us through a 'secret entrance' (shhhh....don't tell anyone else) and asked us what we wanted to get out of our visit. With her degree in art and her knowledge of the museum, she walked us through very efficiently and shared so much knowledge with us that we would have never known by strolling through on our own. We were so thankful to have her guidance. I recommend meeting with Anne to help make your Paris experiences as enjoyable as possible! Thanks, Anne!

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    Annia (Friday, 07 August 2015)

    We met Anne by chance, while strolling along la Coulée Verte, which is a bit like the High Line Park in NY.

    Very enthusiastic, Anne started giving some hints on absolutely "to see and not to miss" places in Paris. Amazed she knew so much about Paris, Anne smiled and confessed she is a Parisian guide.

    As we had no plan for the following day, we choose to take a tour in Marais area.
    A lovely day, a nice long walk taking us thru wonderful discoveries, we would have missed without Anne. For each of the places like Hotel de Béthune-Sully, Hotel de Soubise, Marché des Enfants Rouges, lately restored Carreau du Temple Anne tell you the story and secret which bring you years or centuries back in History. She highlights streets in an area have name linked to each other like rue de Bretagne, de Saintonge, du Poitou.

    At the end we sat on the terrasse of a charming salon de thé, l'Ebouillanté to relax. There surprise ! Anne wanted to test how much we captured for her tour, an excellent challenge for us.

    Anne thousand thanks for sharing your passion for Paris and your kindness. We'll follow your blog until our next visit in Paris. We can't wait till then !


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    Brett Denfeld (Tuesday, 04 August 2015 19:43)

    You won't regret a tour with Anne! She knows SO much about Paris and art. My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed our Louvre experience with Anne... it will forever be unforgettable. It's one thing to see the marvels at the Louvre and another to know the story behind the art! I had been to Paris and the Louvre once before a few years ago and I can tell you that it was AMAZING to have our own private guide. I learned SO much about the art this time that I definitely did not know before! Erin and I still talk about how incredible our experience was and how lucky we were to have Anne with us! You can tell that Anne is passionate about what she does! Thank you Anne for sharing your knowledge with us, we will remember this trip forever! :)

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    Erin Avery (Tuesday, 04 August 2015 14:27)

    After my lovely afternoon with Anne at the Louvre earlier during the trip, we stayed in touch and actually ended up meeting again another afternoon where Anne took me around the Marais district. We toured through the neighborhood, had a delicious falafel lunch and later sampled some Amorino floral shaped gelato cones, and got to fully explore-compare-contrast different types of mansions from different time periods, etc. This district is one of the few where building structure is protected in the sense that most buildings are original ones from their time. Some of them may have modern uses now but the initial foundation and building is still the same. I had such a great time with Anne again and it was such a testament to her thorough expertise because not only does she know so much about the art world (which my friend and I had gathered with her during our Louvre tour) but she also has so much knowledge and appreciation for architecture and the history behind the buildings. Anne is wonderful! If you get the chance, please tour with her!!

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    Tim Yakimec (Monday, 03 August 2015 19:33)

    What could have been an overwhelming and frustrating experience turned out to be a superb couple of hours at the Louvre Museum! Anne provided an exemplary tour of the museum for our party of three - she knew which entry point to take to avoid the crowds, and because of her knowledge of the museum and its intricacies, we were able to experience all and more of the highlights there. We were delighted with the extent of the details she provided for the museum's history and structure, the anecdotes that made either the paintings or the sculptures meaningful, as well as her depth of knowledge linking the time periods from one to the next. We knew that trying to make sense of the whole museum in one afternoon on our own was not a great idea - so we were so grateful to have Anne to guide us through in a meaningful manner was ideal. Her personal, easy manner in her presentation of the museum was perfect, and as we wound up our tour, she provided wonderful ideas for other spots to see for the rest of our days in Paris. If I get a chance to visit Paris again, I will certainly contact Anne to arrange for additional tours not only to the Louvre, but to many of the other locations and sights I know she would help us appreciate and love as she did the Louvre!

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    Erin Avery (Sunday, 26 July 2015 20:04)

    My friend and I stumbled upon Anne while waiting in a tremendously long line for the Louvre's main entrance. It was such a blessing!! She led us to a less congested entrance for the museum so we were able to begin touring the Louvre within minutes. Anne was so pleasant, so genuine, and had such thorough knowledge of the artwork's history/background story, its relevance, detail of the actual materials/medium used, etc...we were so, so very happy to have had her along guiding us through the museum. Without her, we would have simply walked through the Louvre and missed out on the valuable knowledge we gained from her presence. We let Anne guide us at her discretion, she was the expert after all, but she was very considerate too: asking us if we had any questions (we didn't! She covered it all) and asking if there was anything we wanted to hear about that she hadn't covered. Anne was such a sweetheart, she made our day at the Louvre special...I am overwhelmed by how lucky we are to have found her! She even led us over to the Jardin de Touileries afterwards just because "it's close by and it's absolutely beautiful!" Please consider taking a tour with Anne! You really won't regret it!!

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    Jason Lothrop (Wednesday, 08 July 2015 00:38)

    My Fiancé and I met Anne and were blown away by her knowledge of everything at The Louvre. She knows the ins and outs to places so you won't lose any time in congested areas. We just did a brief tour with her but we will definitely book her again to learn and see more of the city of Paris. Thank you Anne for your time and we will see you again!